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returning phone calls is table stakes #realestate

1.            If you are looking for any type of commercial space (be it office, retail or industrial) remember that it can be a time intensive process. A competent Tenant Representative will reduce the time it takes to find suitable space. Typically, they are only paid by building owners when they successfully locate space that you choose to lease.  

2.            A competent agent usually returns their phone calls the same day that they receive them. If your agent is not returning your call, fire them and find one that will.  

3.            Your agent is morally, legally and ethically bound to represent you despite the fact that they receive their compensation from building owners. You can count on this and disclose information so that they can represent to the best of their ability. 

4.            Your agent should have outstanding communication skills. Much of the business today is conducted by telephone and email and you should expect your agent to represent you and your interests in a highly professional manner. 

5.            Your agent should be able to provide you with market information about the areas that interests you most. They have ongoing relationships with many building owners and should have the ability to communicate your needs and secure optimal terms for your lease. Owners know that competent agents will have many “irons in the fire” for their clients to increase the likelihood of finding a suitable space. 

6.            Eagerly hire an agent who requests an exclusive agreement. Do not, however, enter into any exclusive agreement that you cannot break at will. Competent agents will request an exclusive but will also permit you to terminate them at any time if the relationship is not working.


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