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Are you struggling with office space issues? #realestate #leasing

If you’re a NB company struggling with office space issues I’d like to draw your attention to an article that appeared in the Globe & Mail business section on July 3rd which makes some good points.


Excerpts from the article:

“Michael Carleton was looking for ways to reduce operating expenses and found part of the solution in the walls around him.”

“Dymaxium {…}, found itself with office space leased just two years earlier that no longer fit the company’s needs.”

“With the business environment changing so rapidly these days, I think most companies need to keep as much flexibility as they can,” 

“Real estate leasing is the biggest thing you never learn in business school,” 

“A landlord does hundreds of deals, if not thousands, a year, so they understand the market,” Mr. Reilly said. “To get the best deal a tenant needs knowledge of the market too. 

If these statements ring true for your organization I can help.

To read the entire article follow the link below…

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