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Erasing content from the internet

Trujillo (Honduras) inquiries are still coming in… 2 year later! Some of you may remember a few years ago I was selling ocean front lots in Honduras. Believe it or not I sold 12 lots although not one to an Atlantic Canadian. I sold mostly to people from Alberta and B.C. I think the main reason is that they have better and cheaper access to get there. How did I find these buyers? Mostly using social networking like Facebook and Linkedin.

Although I’m no longer involved, the Toronto development company continues to expand the project and sell lots.  The Facebook group that I started is still going strong and people are now posting photos of their new villas in the gated community.

Even though I’ve tried to delete all of my marketing from the web, people are still finding my ads and contacting me. I got an email yesterday from someone who found an ad from 2010. I searched Google and found a Slideshare presentation that I uploaded in 2008.

I’ve heard that when you post something to the web it’s there forever. I’m starting to believe it!


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