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Short Term Pain for Prince William Street!

JULY 2014 – If you spend any time in uptown Saint John you will surely have come upon the construction on the Duke to Princess block of Prince William Street. I found it an inconvenience at first but quickly adapted my driving habits to avoid that block and I haven’t noticed that the traffic is any heavier on the alternate routes.


This is a significant undertaking by the city and involves some underground infrastructure which I’m sure is needed but what everyone is waiting to see is what the final product looks like above ground. According to the City of Saint John website and artist rendering found there:

“It also includes converting the overhead utilities to underground and full street reconstruction including new roadway granular material, concrete sidewalk, brick paver median, trees, granite curbing, decorative street lighting, and asphalt.”

PW construction

My commercial real estate clients on that block are anxious to see the dust settle and hope that the short term pain translates into more tenants for vacant space and more investors for property owners looking to sell. The project is scheduled to be completed in October 2014.

For more info on the project click here

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