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Physical space plays role in fostering a vibrant office culture

The kind of vibe you feel when you walk into a space directly impacts those working there, sending a stronger message than any “about us” statement ever will.

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Regardless of the size of their company, 80% of those surveyed indicate that the physical office space plays a prominent role in fostering vibrant office culture. Providing a natural gathering space for shared lunches, coffee breaks and celebrations brings people together and aids in building relationships. Designing fun spaces for video games or chess allows team members to relate on a more personal level, building trust that will translate into greater collaboration and improved teamwork.

“After years of studying work environments across the country, we’ve found time and time again companies that place value on their physical space and champion employee wellbeing are more likely to have workers who are inspired, engaged, productive and loyal,” said Brian Shapland, General Manager of turnstone. “As our survey shows, entrepreneurs understand the critical role culture plays in their companies – because they know that their people are their greatest asset.” ~ Atlantic Business Interiors