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A landmark to a vital part of Saint John’s history

12 Smythe Street, Saint John, New Brunswick
Iconic Red Rose Tea Building.Various office suites available. Up to 11,927 sq ft on two floors.

corner photo resized 15%“The Theodore Estabrooks Tea Company put up the building in 1903. It was sold to Brooke Bond in 1932 and later to the Lipton Tea company. But it was always the home of Red Rose tea.” Source:

“Saint John’s connection to tea dates back more than a century, and was an important part of the local economy of the day, arriving first on wooden sailing ships, then steamers, and railcars. The tea was originally sold loose from tea chests by local merchants but the quality varied until local businessman Theodore Harding Estabrooks came up with the great idea…to produce and pack a quality blended tea that was consistent from cup to cup.  {snip} During the first year of business he only sold $166.00 in tea.  Even with such weak beginnings, he did not give up.  In just 6 years, he was selling over a thousand tons of tea per year.  Their tea became a household name around NB and Nova Scotia and spread into New England.” Source:

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