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Do you have what it takes to open a successful restaurant?

416_1zincThe restaurant scene in uptown Saint John is thriving. Yes, opening a restaurant has it’s risks but some of our time tested stalwarts prove that the people of Saint John will support innovative menus, quality food, beautiful décor & good service. Those with the right formula continue to be busy!

Over the years I have met an amazing number of people from diverse backgrounds who, regardless of their personal wealth or success, say they’d like to set-up a restaurant one day. Home-makers with culinary skills, corporate executives with contacts, celebrities looking for an investment, landlords with space, restaurant managers or chefs with industry experience, industrialists who would simply like a place to host their associates & friends, and all sorts of other people who dream of having their own restaurant.~Ravi Wazir, 2015 from his article What it Takes – To Start & Run a Successful Restaurant

Do you have what it takes? Opportunities exist in Saint John, contact Stephanie to explore them all!