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What your workspace says about you… Insane or genius?

I was showing some office space for lease to a prospective tenant recently and both my client and I were in shock by the clutter and disorganization of the work space. The current occupant was not in the process of moving. You could tell this was how they operated on a day to day basis. To make matters worse the occupant of the space is a “consultant” who’s in the business of attracting new business in an industry where you would think organization and appearances would matter.

My client commented “how does anyone ever hire these people?” I’m guessing they must meet their clients a Java Moose to pitch their business. That being said… I read an article in Globe and Mail which made me question my belief that an uncluttered desk = uncluttered mind and increased productivity. Perhaps this consultant is actually a genius?


*stock photo but you get the idea…

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?” ~ Albert Einstein

What do you think?



Are you struggling with office space issues? #realestate #leasing

If you’re a NB company struggling with office space issues I’d like to draw your attention to an article that appeared in the Globe & Mail business section on July 3rd which makes some good points.


Excerpts from the article:

“Michael Carleton was looking for ways to reduce operating expenses and found part of the solution in the walls around him.”

“Dymaxium {…}, found itself with office space leased just two years earlier that no longer fit the company’s needs.”

“With the business environment changing so rapidly these days, I think most companies need to keep as much flexibility as they can,” 

“Real estate leasing is the biggest thing you never learn in business school,” 

“A landlord does hundreds of deals, if not thousands, a year, so they understand the market,” Mr. Reilly said. “To get the best deal a tenant needs knowledge of the market too. 

If these statements ring true for your organization I can help.

To read the entire article follow the link below…

returning phone calls is table stakes #realestate

1.            If you are looking for any type of commercial space (be it office, retail or industrial) remember that it can be a time intensive process. A competent Tenant Representative will reduce the time it takes to find suitable space. Typically, they are only paid by building owners when they successfully locate space that you choose to lease.  

2.            A competent agent usually returns their phone calls the same day that they receive them. If your agent is not returning your call, fire them and find one that will.  

3.            Your agent is morally, legally and ethically bound to represent you despite the fact that they receive their compensation from building owners. You can count on this and disclose information so that they can represent to the best of their ability. 

4.            Your agent should have outstanding communication skills. Much of the business today is conducted by telephone and email and you should expect your agent to represent you and your interests in a highly professional manner. 

5.            Your agent should be able to provide you with market information about the areas that interests you most. They have ongoing relationships with many building owners and should have the ability to communicate your needs and secure optimal terms for your lease. Owners know that competent agents will have many “irons in the fire” for their clients to increase the likelihood of finding a suitable space. 

6.            Eagerly hire an agent who requests an exclusive agreement. Do not, however, enter into any exclusive agreement that you cannot break at will. Competent agents will request an exclusive but will also permit you to terminate them at any time if the relationship is not working.


fUnKy OfFicE deSiGn GaLlerY

Looking for some inspiration for the design your new office space? Want something different, cool, funky, out of the ordinary? Check this out…

Tip #5 Rethink your workspace

bull pen example

The economy, technology and demographics are major drivers behind changing workforce priorities and shrinking corporate footprint. Collaborative design with open-concept office settings and common, multi-purpose areas are part of Alternative Workplace Strategies.

A recent article in the Globe and Mail explored this concept in depth
Request an information package which will give you some specific ways that we could help you save money by rethinking your workspace.

Tip #4 Reduce your operating costs

Both landlords and tenants should periodically review operating costs to identify where savings and new efficiencies can be achieved. Savings may be found in the following areas:

  • Facilities Management
  • Property Tax
  • Service Charges
Request an information package which will give you some specific ways that we could help you save money by reducing your operating costs.

Tip #3 Sale-Leaseback. Unlock value from owned property

With equity and corporate debt proving more expensive and difficult to raise, owners may want to consider selling and leasing back their property. By taking this route, you can convert a fixed asset into cash, which can be directed into business growth, and also maintain control of property through a long-term lease, with terms of 15-20 years.

Request an information package which will give you some specific ways that we could help you save money by unlocking value from owned property.

Tip #2 Get a Better Deal. Negotiate your lease

In many markets, rents and property prices are moving in the tenant’s favour. Landlords are more willing to negotiate creative lease structures to secure tenancy. Regardless of your expiry date, there is a fantastic opportunity to explore options with your landlord.

Tip #2 Get a Better Deal. Negotiate your lease.
  • Blend & Extend
  • Shorter-term leases
  • Concessions
Request an information package which will give you some specific ways that we could help you save money by getting a better deal.

Tips for reducing costs and releasing value from your commercial real estate. Tip #1 Right Size

In our current economy, there is more pressure than ever to save costs and drive value from your real estate. Taking time to align your real estate platform with your business needs will not only save you money now, but will set the stage for a more efficient, and cost-effective strategy going forward.

  • Rationalize your locations
  • Weigh your options
  • Evaluate your use of space
  • Dispose of surplus space – Quickly!
  • Administer your leases
  • Consider relocating
Request an information package which will give you some specific ways that we could help you save money by right sizing.

Owning versus Leasing #commercialrealestate


This question comes up fairly frequently in my business. The big push for leasing is the flexibility which it offers a company. Buying is a long term investment. A company would not likely see any financial savings in the first 10 years and who knows what the company’s needs will look like 10 years from now. Other factors to consider…

Owning your own office space PROS

  • Gives you tax deductions (because of property taxes and mortgage interest)
  • Gives you the freedom to do what you want with the space. You don’t have to worry about a landlord, or breaking anyone’s rules (except the law, of course).
Owning your own office space CONS
  • You’re responsible for all the costs needed to run an office space, including, but not limited to electricity, water, sewage, trash, janitorial, internet service, phone services and more.
  • The upfront costs can also be huge because of the down payment, any renovations that must be done, and other maintenance.
  • Once you sign the contract, you own the building “lock, stock and barrel” which means if your company experiences a large growth spurt (or an unfortunate downsizing) you may find yourself with not enough or too much space on your hands.
Leasing your own office space PROS
  • Flexibility is a big pro in favour of leasing office space. You can often renegotiate for more space if you grow, or simply move to a new building when your lease is up.
  • There’s also a smaller up front cost associated with leasing office space. You sign your lease and you pay a set price per month.
  • Leasing can save a lot of time and headaches. By leasing your office space, you can focus on running your business and let the landlord worry about the details of the actual building itself.
  • Profile. You may be able to afford to lease in a very high profile area, while buying in such an area may be out of your price range.