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200 Union eligible for up to $5000 façade grant

exterior 2 editIn 2014,  the owner of 200-206 Union Street received a small grant from uptown Saint John to redesign the buildings storefront. A concept for a new building façade was completed. The building is now eligible for a grant up to $5,000 or 50% of the cost to upgrade the front of the building. This opportunity is also available to a new owner.

The building is FOR SALE for $399,000. For more information click HERE.

For more info on the Façade Grant Program administered by Uptown Saint John click HERE



Gallery –  selection of façade redesign options


Academy of Hair Design closing doors

The Academy of Hair Design is currently in the process of closing the school at 200 Union Street in Uptown Saint John as the owner is retiring. Although attempts were made to sell the school in order to keep it open, no buyer was found.


Over the years their students worked on thousands of clients doing cuts, colours, perms etc. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people in our area will be looking for low-medium cost hair services in the uptown. This presents a huge opportunity for someone to purchase this building and re-open offering these services. The owner would also consider leasing the ground floor to a tenant for this purpose or for other uses.

There’s a parking lot at the rear of the building for clients and one across the street. There are also 12 parking spots for staff at the rear of the building. The building has air conditioning, as well as all the plumbing fixtures and the electrical that such a business would need. With a built in clientele, it would be a perfect spot for anyone wanting to offer low to medium cost hair services.

For more info on the Academy of Hair Design visit them at or on Facebook HERE

For more info on 200-206 Union Street click HERE

“Interaction = Innovation” office design according to Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs knew that innovation and creativity don’t happen in cubes or through email. Seems he was a huge fan of personal interaction and had this in mind when designing the Pixar headquarters in Emeryville, California. Here’s Lasseter (Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer) describing the building…

“In the center, he created this big atrium area, which seems initially like a waste of space. The reason he did it was that everybody goes off and works in their individual areas. People who work on software code are here, people who animate are there, and people who do designs are over there. Steve put the mailboxes, the meetings rooms, the cafeteria, and, most insidiously and brilliantly, the bathrooms in the center—which initially drove us crazy—so that you run into everybody during the course of a day. [Jobs] realized that when people run into each other, when they make eye contact, things happen. So he made it impossible for you not to run into the rest of the company.”


Inside the Pixar Atrium. Photo source :



Physical space plays role in fostering a vibrant office culture

The kind of vibe you feel when you walk into a space directly impacts those working there, sending a stronger message than any “about us” statement ever will.

concept 3

Regardless of the size of their company, 80% of those surveyed indicate that the physical office space plays a prominent role in fostering vibrant office culture. Providing a natural gathering space for shared lunches, coffee breaks and celebrations brings people together and aids in building relationships. Designing fun spaces for video games or chess allows team members to relate on a more personal level, building trust that will translate into greater collaboration and improved teamwork.

“After years of studying work environments across the country, we’ve found time and time again companies that place value on their physical space and champion employee wellbeing are more likely to have workers who are inspired, engaged, productive and loyal,” said Brian Shapland, General Manager of turnstone. “As our survey shows, entrepreneurs understand the critical role culture plays in their companies – because they know that their people are their greatest asset.” ~ Atlantic Business Interiors

Open concept or privates offices?

Are you questioning your open concept office? Are you wondering what the “experts” say on the topic?

A recent article on called “The victims of open offices are pushing back” stated the following:

“Many people are growing frustrated with the din and distractions of the modern office, where they sit at crowded desks or tables without any physical barriers separating them from their neighbours.”

“The world has put all the focus on collaboration with people thrown in a big room together, but you have to be more thoughtful than that,” said Martha Clarkson, Microsoft’s global workplace strategist. “When you put people in a communal environment, it won’t work if you don’t provide privacy. They need alternative spaces for thinking time, whether it’s focus rooms, lounges, patios or outside walking areas.”

Read the entire article here >>>

Looking for ideas for creative meeting rooms?


Image of “Beach Hut” Meeting Room via Atlantic Business Interiors

Concept for South Market Street

Many people like the idea of closing South Market Street and turning it in to a pedestrian only area. I’ll admit there are many obstacles to overcome in making this idea a reality. What about City Market deliveries you may ask? I’m told that in european cities, where such streets are thriving, shops receive deliveries early in the a.m. to avoid conflict with the public using the space during business hours.

I came across some beautiful photos on-line of a lane in Auckland which was converted in to a restaurant/bakery. This particular lane already had a “roof” but it’s easy to imagine South Market Street enclosed overhead. It was even built on a slope… just like our street! What do you think?


fUnKy OfFicE deSiGn GaLlerY

Looking for some inspiration for the design your new office space? Want something different, cool, funky, out of the ordinary? Check this out…