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Do you have what it takes to open a successful restaurant?

416_1zincThe restaurant scene in uptown Saint John is thriving. Yes, opening a restaurant has it’s risks but some of our time tested stalwarts prove that the people of Saint John will support innovative menus, quality food, beautiful décor & good service. Those with the right formula continue to be busy!

Over the years I have met an amazing number of people from diverse backgrounds who, regardless of their personal wealth or success, say they’d like to set-up a restaurant one day. Home-makers with culinary skills, corporate executives with contacts, celebrities looking for an investment, landlords with space, restaurant managers or chefs with industry experience, industrialists who would simply like a place to host their associates & friends, and all sorts of other people who dream of having their own restaurant.~Ravi Wazir, 2015 from his article What it Takes – To Start & Run a Successful Restaurant

Do you have what it takes? Opportunities exist in Saint John, contact Stephanie to explore them all!


Concept for South Market Street

Many people like the idea of closing South Market Street and turning it in to a pedestrian only area. I’ll admit there are many obstacles to overcome in making this idea a reality. What about City Market deliveries you may ask? I’m told that in european cities, where such streets are thriving, shops receive deliveries early in the a.m. to avoid conflict with the public using the space during business hours.

I came across some beautiful photos on-line of a lane in Auckland which was converted in to a restaurant/bakery. This particular lane already had a “roof” but it’s easy to imagine South Market Street enclosed overhead. It was even built on a slope… just like our street! What do you think?