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Have you ever wondered what is involved in repairing our sandstone buildings?

Many of Saint John’s heritage buildings have sandstone exteriors. Some sandstones can be superb building materials, but many do not like water…not a good general characteristic for an exterior cladding stone! You may have observed some uptown sandstone building have the tendency to peel like the layers of an onion due to the presence of moisture.

I stumbled on an overview of a restoration project of the Flood Building in San Francisco, California. The Flood Building is one of San Francisco’s great landmark structures. The work shown HERE illustrates that tackling a project like this is not an easy undertaking.  “In many locations we were forced to remove large areas of unsound material to prepare the facade for patching. We kept track of the material removed and counted about 90 tons of rotten stone removed in 5 gallon buckets.” Can you imagine? … not to mention that finding trades people qualified to perform this work in our area would be very challenging.

It is sad to see our beautiful buildings in disrepair. This really gives me a greater appreciation for what it would take to restore them but also gives me hope that it is possible!


Patching and Restoration of a Sandstone Facade to Repair Extensive Decay and Material Failure.