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Saint John has fastest download speeds of any Canadian City

high speedAccording to an April, 2016 Huffington Post story, Saint John NB has the fastest internet download speeds in Canada. For the average person today there’s personal value in that but where the true value lies for our “smart” city is in capitalizing on that advantage to continue to grow our information technology sector. The Huffington Port writer seemed surprised by the finding and I’ll bet others will be surprised and impressed as well… “In fact, at 24.56 Mbps, Saint John, N.B., clocked the fastest download speeds of any city in Canada.” Source:

“The ICT sector has played a central role transforming Saint John from an industrial city to an intelligent Community.  Today the south end peninsula is the most densely populated mixed-use neighbourhood in the Maritimes. The area contains close to 1,300 businesses, the largest percentage from the ICT sector, and 18,000 residents, creating a truly urban campus along Saint John’s waterfront – housing, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, design firms, lawyers, accountants and knowledge workers all within walking distance of each other. Ideas are born and deals brokered by simply crossing the street. Business, innovation and life seemlessly integrated into a community network that in less than a decade produced true growth.” Source: Saint John one of Smart 21 

“Smartest” office building in downtown Toronto

“The internet of everything is redefining how we work, live, play & learn and it’s happening at Cisco Canada’s new headquarters in downtown Toronto.” I’m not sure everyone will agree that a “blending of work life & social life” is what we’re striving for, but I think you will agree that an employer who cares so much about your “comfort” is pretty awesome!

Although there’s a lot new here, I have seen some of these before right here in Saint John in the Salesforce office space in Brunswick Square. That being said, there are some innovative ideas… the smart touch screens by the elevators, the customizable intelligent workstations  & the proactive climate controls are pretty cool!