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“Smartest” office building in downtown Toronto

“The internet of everything is redefining how we work, live, play & learn and it’s happening at Cisco Canada’s new headquarters in downtown Toronto.” I’m not sure everyone will agree that a “blending of work life & social life” is what we’re striving for, but I think you will agree that an employer who cares so much about your “comfort” is pretty awesome!

Although there’s a lot new here, I have seen some of these before right here in Saint John in the Salesforce office space in Brunswick Square. That being said, there are some innovative ideas… the smart touch screens by the elevators, the customizable intelligent workstations  & the proactive climate controls are pretty cool!

Toronto’s “The Burroughes” a #222water doppelgänger

22 water versus the Burroughs

Looking for more inspiration for our #222water?

Originally built as a Department store 1907, the Burroughes Building (Queen Street West in Toronto) has remarkable similarities to our #222water

The Burroughes was expertly renovated to carefully preserve its priceless character features. With new high-speed accessible elevators, wood details and exposed brick the property is like no other in Toronto. It has been described as a hidden gem by the real estate investment community.

For more info on #222water click HERE


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