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Brunswick House has a new chiller!

The existing chiller was “1960’s vintage so it was time to replace it”. This was no small job. Congrats to all involved and great work by Hemmings House Production for capturing this feat of engineering on video. Includes some cool drone footage!

“Time lapse and aerial film showing set up of a 400 ton mobile crane over weekend of April 17-19, 2015 at Brunswick House, Saint John, NB. The lift of a 13,000 lb chiller to the roof of this 14 story office building was flawless.” Source: YouTube, Commercial Properties Limited

Screenshot 2015-05-20 21.02.58   Screenshot 2015-05-20 21.02.09

Watch the Hemmings House Video THE BIG LIFT HERE

For more information on Brunswick House Click HERE

seeing Saint John & NB through someone else’s lens

I had a client in town this week from Vancouver who has spent time in all the “big cities”. He was genuinely charmed by our beautiful Saint John architecture and how everyone on the street seemed to know each other! We do have something pretty special here and often take it for granted.

I wanted to share with you this wonderful video called “An East of Ordinary Summer in New Brunswick” done by Saint John firm T4G Limited and featuring the music of David Myles. Saint John’s iconic heritage architecture, city market and Market Slip all makes an appearance at 0:49. Seeing our province and city through someone else’s lens is always eye opening!