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“Smartest” office building in downtown Toronto

“The internet of everything is redefining how we work, live, play & learn and it’s happening at Cisco Canada’s new headquarters in downtown Toronto.” I’m not sure everyone will agree that a “blending of work life & social life” is what we’re striving for, but I think you will agree that an employer who cares so much about your “comfort” is pretty awesome!

Although there’s a lot new here, I have seen some of these before right here in Saint John in the Salesforce office space in Brunswick Square. That being said, there are some innovative ideas… the smart touch screens by the elevators, the customizable intelligent workstations  & the proactive climate controls are pretty cool!

Dealermine announces another strategic move

dealermine exterior 1In the wake of the recent announcement that Dealermine is moving their head office from the KV to uptown, they are now ready to announce that, in the spring of 2016, they will be relocating their business development centre from 370 Rothesay Ave to Place 400 and tripling the size of their space. “Our location in the former Ponderosa building on Rothesay Ave has served us well for the last 8 years but (more…)

“Heritage Knowledge Park”…what is it?

toner map uptown v2“Heritage Knowledge Park” is a branding initiative currently picking up steam in Saint John’s uptown business community. It loosely translates to “creative companies doing business in close proximity to each other in very cool old buildings”. The initiative is being spearheaded by Enterprise Saint John and I personally think they’re on to something!

According to a recent article by Heather Desserud that appeared in the Telegraph Journal (more…)

Uptown Saint John Inc. Announces Move

17 Canterbury Street, Saint John, New Brunswick

leased 17 canterburyUptown Saint John Inc. (the official voice of more than 650 business and property owners operating in Uptown’s 20-block Business Improvement Area) recently announced that they are moving from their current location on the 2nd floor of 40 King Street to street level office space at 17 Canterbury Street.

According to their Executive Director, Nancy Tissington, “The USJI board and I felt that the street level suite put us at an easy access for all of our businesses we represent. Hosting networking opportunities and offering up space for our business and committee meetings was ideal. Many BIAs are moving towards this model of street presence and it’s proving to be more engaging and a visible advantage while representing the business district. We will lead by example…from cleanliness in front of our street level space to providing drop in discussions celebrating successes and providing assistance with urban core challenges.”

Uptown Saint John Inc. is really excited about this move and who can blame them? This block of Canterbury is really taking off with all that’s happening right across the street with Historica’s Canterbury Car Park Project. The visibility that this storefront space will provide is a huge benefit to them. They are a perfect fit for Centerbeam Place and I’ve heard rumours that they plan to take advantage of Centerbeam’s courtyard for future uptown activities. Can’t wait!

Sneak a peek at what’s inside…

Office suites in the sweet spot!

44 Chipman Hill, Saint John, New Brunswick  LEASED

3 nicely finished offices just came on the market in Brunswick House. Not only are they perfectly located at the centre of the internal pedway system, they are the perfect size (range from 1900 sq ft – 3,500 sq ft) for small to medium size businesses that are ready to take it up a notch!

Brunswick House features a modern white granite and stainless steel interior design and offers waterfront views from some suites. When considering new office space you want to make sure you’re comfortable that the building you’re moving to is going to be an asset to your company and that prospective employees will see it as an attractive place to work. Brunswick House has it in spades. For more info on how tenants decide which buildings to take space in click HERE

For more info on Brunswick House and the office suites available click HERE

9 key aspects of the work environment that effect employees


SOMERSET SQUARE was the first privately owned LEED building in Saint John. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy, and Environmental Design. It is a gold rated building adding tremendous value to the North End of Saint John. According to Efficiency NB “It meant reclaiming a plot of land that had been contaminated by years of commercial use to put up a showcase building that has been a very positive addition to a neighbourhood that has seen little development in recent years.” Source:

World Green Building Council has done in-depth research on the benefits of LEED buildings that motivate employees and increase efficiency. According to the REPORT, key factors that affect the work environment include:

  1. Air Quality
  2. Heating & Cooling
  3. Daylighting and Lighting
  4. Biophilia
  5. Noise
  6. Interior Layout
  7. Look and Feel
  8. Active Design and Exercise
  9. Amenities and Location

Research has shown the significant importance on each of these aspects in boosting employee morale and efficiency.

If you are interested in reading more about LEED buildings click HERE to view the full report.

For info on leasing space in Somerset Square click HERE

A room with a view. Biophilia and why it affects employees

biophilia bannerThe biophilia hypothesis suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems. Thirty years ago, Harvard University biologist Edward O. Wilson, PhD, proposed the idea that access to the natural environment can positively affect a person’s health. Dozens of studies have followed in the years since, many of which have confirmed the hypothesis and found that people are measurably more relaxed when given access to views of the natural environment. source:

The biophelia hypothesis is so widely accepted that many office building developers now consider biophilia in their design and LEED building certification lists it as one of the key factors that motivate employees and increase efficiency.

SOMERSET SQUARE in Saint John, New Brunswick is a LEED Gold certified building.

It’s a sign! Part 3 – Creative Soup

creative soup

86 Prince William Street, Saint John, New Brunswick The Creative Soup Building


Q. Is there a back story behind the name/design?

A. This building has been a labour of love since from the beginning. We wanted to create an identity for it. For a while it was called “Revolution House” but that didn’t really stick. We wanted something catchy. The list of tenants that call this property home is a very creative mix.  We had been bouncing potential names around… I shouted out to Greg Hemmings “creative soup” and we both knew instantly…that was it!” Tenants in the building include: Revolution Strategy, Talons of Venice, Riedle Urban Spaces, Liquid Gold, Java Moose, Hemmings House Pictures, Kim Jakobsen Design, ArtsLink NB

Q.Did you have to get approval from heritage and was that difficult to obtain? (more…)


prince william street high res croppedBy guest blogger, Laura Lunn – Marketing Assistant/Intern

Sometimes being a commercial real estate agent is not all about filling vacancies. It’s about finding the proper tenants that will flourish in their new space.

A daycare next to a lawyer’s office might not be the best option for either tenant, so to avoid any dispute and negativity another space might be recommended, where they will feel comfortable.

If you are a Tenant in need of space Step 1. Have a read of these short “5 Tips for Tenants” that will help you begin your journey.  Step 2. Call Stephanie


Brunswick House has a new chiller!

The existing chiller was “1960’s vintage so it was time to replace it”. This was no small job. Congrats to all involved and great work by Hemmings House Production for capturing this feat of engineering on video. Includes some cool drone footage!

“Time lapse and aerial film showing set up of a 400 ton mobile crane over weekend of April 17-19, 2015 at Brunswick House, Saint John, NB. The lift of a 13,000 lb chiller to the roof of this 14 story office building was flawless.” Source: YouTube, Commercial Properties Limited

Screenshot 2015-05-20 21.02.58   Screenshot 2015-05-20 21.02.09

Watch the Hemmings House Video THE BIG LIFT HERE

For more information on Brunswick House Click HERE