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Is talking to the media worth it? #91King

Despite the fact that they often screw it up (not you Huddle!)… the answer is yes! Especially since I’m fortunate to have a platform where I can help set the record straight.

I did an interview this week with a rookie Telegraph Journal reporter. She did not misquote me in the story but left out a lot of great stuff that would have made this a positive story! Things such as:

  • I told her that it’s not unheard of for large redevelopment projects such as this to take as long as 4 years to sell. 1) The Bustins portfolio took 4 years and look at it now! (Thanks Historica!!). 2) Le Faubourg at 125 Prince William Street had been listed for several years and is FINALLY under agreement and is scheduled to close in 2017.
  • Yes, I did say there are not many investors willing to take risk but I did not say there aren’t any… we just need more!
  • 91 King has seen a flurry of activity since Irving Oil’s Home Office began construction across the square.

And lastly, when asked about the status of the retail market in uptown Saint John I could not stop gushing about the vibe uptown… the unique restaurants, pubs & micro breweries that are quickly putting Uptown Saint John on the map as a “foodie destination”. We have this growing cluster and it will attract more!

Missed the TJ article? You can read it below SOURCE: TODAY’S EDITION on-line at t


#91KING residential design/floorplans

restored facade banner

The sky’s the limit for this former Woolworth’s building…literally! Zoning allows for up to 20 storeys. As an added bonus there are no heritage restrictions. What is the highest and best use? The ground floor must remain commercial (think shops, restaurants etc…) but the upper floors could be just about anything. Since Saint John is already experiencing high vacancy rates in the office leasing market, residential probably makes the most sense. Just imagine apartments and/or condos overlooking King’s Square. Floorplans have been designed to show what could be done including a proposed parking garage in the basement. Check it out…

Interested in seeing this in more detail? Click to download .pdf >>> Proposed Condo floorplan

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