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prince william street high res croppedBy guest blogger, Laura Lunn – Marketing Assistant/Intern

Sometimes being a commercial real estate agent is not all about filling vacancies. It’s about finding the proper tenants that will flourish in their new space.

A daycare next to a lawyer’s office might not be the best option for either tenant, so to avoid any dispute and negativity another space might be recommended, where they will feel comfortable.

If you are a Tenant in need of space Step 1. Have a read of these short “5 Tips for Tenants” that will help you begin your journey.  Step 2. Call Stephanie


How do tenants decide which building to take space in?

Price per square foot is a key factor but the financials are often very competitive. The decision to lease in one building versus another is often swayed by physical attributes.

Suite 101, 14 King Street. 1,842 s.f. office.

Tenants want to feel comfortable that the building they are moving to is going to be an asset to their company and that prospective employees will see it as an attractive place to work.  The three key elements are:

  1. Amenities: The “walkability” of our uptown created by the internal pedway system means that most of the amenities that tenants want are nearby.
  2. Aesthetics: Saint John’s inventory of heritage buildings offer the character that many people crave such as high ceilings and exposed brick & beams. “Historic buildings have a unique appeal that new buildings cannot duplicate {on the flip side} new buildings have the long-span, light-filled, flexible footprints and modern common-area finishes that are so attractive. Many buildings built from 1960 to 1990 are caught in-between, and if they remain un-renovated, often feel trapped in time.”
  3. Sustainability.  Only a few of buildings in Saint John are LEED certified.

Read more about what tenants want and the benefits of LEED certified buildings HERE via