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South Market Street Concept…follow up…

south market

I was surprised and delighted to see the interest in “Concept for South Market Street”. The blog post was off-the-cuff inspired by a photo of a transformed alley in Auckland that reminded me of our South Market Street. If you didn’t see the original story, you can read it here.  The idea really took off when Mayor Mel Norton shared it with his followers on Google+ and on Facebook.

My BLOG post has had over 500 views in 3 days.

Mayor Mel’s sharing of the story generated the following interest on Facebook:


There were some naysayers but, I think, in general the comments were enthusiastically in favour of making South Market Street for pedestrians only.

Since the story generated so much interest, I did a little more on-line research on the subject and found an interesting article entitled “Urban alleys become pathways to revitalization”. The article described how 7 U.S. cities successfully transformed alleys in their urban cores. You can read that article here.

alley follow up pop up brewery

Brewer’s Alley at the Rialto Cafe in Denver.