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JUST LEASED: 340 King William Road

340 King William Road, Saint John, New Brunswick

A 10,000+ industrial warehouse building and fenced compound in the Spruce Lake Industrial Park has been leased. The Landlord is Sandav Holdings Ltd out of St John’s NFLD. The property has had many used over the years including being the NB home-base for Household Movers & Shippers, a Coca-Cola distribution centre and most recently was leased to GFL Environmental Inc. Upgrades will be performed on the building and lands over the next few months. The new tenants expects to take possession around August 1st of this year.

Stephanie Turner, Partners Global Corporate Real Estate was the listing agent.

Growing “high”

405 King William Road, Saint John, New Brunswick

Due to the extremely high ceilings and end wall (40′ x 60′) which opens up, the obvious use for this building is large component manufacturing such as modular homes, bridge components etc… but what else could it be? What about an indoor vertical farm?


90,000 sq ft indoor vertical farm. Source: Huffington Post

According to this Huffington Post article here’s how it works: Plants are grown in beds stacked as much as six high by using a mineral-rich water solution which is derived from tanks of hormone-free tilapia offering up nutrients to the plants in a controlled environment that ensures optimal growing.

With the recent closure of Real Food Connection in NB it might be too soon/challenging for local farmers to see the potential for growing vegetables indoors but perhaps a certain other type of “greens”?

interior shop

20,000+ sq ft with 54′ clear ceiling height

For more information on 405 King William Road click HERE