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It’s a sign! Part 3 – Creative Soup

creative soup

86 Prince William Street, Saint John, New Brunswick The Creative Soup Building


Q. Is there a back story behind the name/design?

A. This building has been a labour of love since from the beginning. We wanted to create an identity for it. For a while it was called “Revolution House” but that didn’t really stick. We wanted something catchy. The list of tenants that call this property home is a very creative mix.  We had been bouncing potential names around… I shouted out to Greg Hemmings “creative soup” and we both knew instantly…that was it!” Tenants in the building include: Revolution Strategy, Talons of Venice, Riedle Urban Spaces, Liquid Gold, Java Moose, Hemmings House Pictures, Kim Jakobsen Design, ArtsLink NB

Q.Did you have to get approval from heritage and was that difficult to obtain? (more…)

Resurrecting formerly blighted parks & train tracks spurs economic development

Lessons learned from New York City’s High Line park

“The city had recouped construction costs within a year, as the corresponding uptick in property taxes in 2010 “surpassed the cost of constructing the park itself.” Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg also touted the success of the High Line in 2011, when he told a crowd that it had led to more than $2 billion in private investment, according to the Times.

Given the success of the High Line, both as a public works project and a local economic engine, it’s not surprising that cities across the U.S. and elsewhere around the globe are moving forward with plans to resurrect formerly blighted parks and train tracks.”

Read the back story and further information HERE  via

PICS: my High Line photos from 2011