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It’s a sign! Part 2 – Central Telegraph

Have you noticed this sign at 40 King Street, Saint John and wondered what “Central Telegraph” means? The owner of this building put a lot of thought and resources in to the design and procurement of a class A sign for his building.


Q. What’s the story behind the sign?

A. The building was the site of Canadian Pacific Railroad’s telegraph office. In the old days if one wanted to send a message anywhere in world they would go to this telegraph office to do that. I wanted to have a smart looking address displayed on the building and after reviewing some old pictures (see gallery of old photos below) and the history of the building, I designed the sign concept. I also wanted the sign to be more that just an address identifier – to add something to the historical content of the area.

Q. Did you have to get approval from heritage and was that difficult to obtain? (more…)

It’s a sign! Part 1 – Elwood’s Wood Lab

elwoods v1

91 PRINCESS STREET, SAINT JOHN. I was so thrilled to see a cool new sign appear on Princess Street. Elwood’s Wood Lab is now open and their sign is perfect!

“We are reconstructing history from within our joinery in Saint John, NB. Using a variety of reclaimed wood and steel from around New Brunswick, Elwood’s Wood Lab creates character rich crafted furniture and lighting for customers around the world.” ~ About Elwood’s Wood Lab from their WEBSITE

Why is signage important? Your sign is part of your business’ image and a part of your branding strategy. The type of sign that you choose says a lot about your business. It conveys a message about the type of clientele that you cater to i.e. refined/upscale/hipster/young/mature.


Q. Is there a back story behind the design of it?