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“Heritage Knowledge Park”…what is it?

toner map uptown v2“Heritage Knowledge Park” is a branding initiative currently picking up steam in Saint John’s uptown business community. It loosely translates to “creative companies doing business in close proximity to each other in very cool old buildings”. The initiative is being spearheaded by Enterprise Saint John and I personally think they’re on to something!

According to a recent article by Heather Desserud that appeared in the Telegraph Journal “Within a three-block radius, we have more than thirty ICT companies, multiple high-quality creative agencies, leading-edge architecture and design firms, and professional services. Bonfire Stories, Innovatia, Duke, Mariner, Revolution, AirVM, Acre, Hemmings House, Appnovation, ConnexionWorks, TOSS Solutions—these are just a few of the many companies concentrated in a highly creative and innovative urban core.”

This high concentration of creative companies doing business in heritage buildings is pretty unique. Most “knowledge parks” across North America are suburban office farms surrounded by asphalt parking lots. Boring! Heather Desserud keenly observed that “unlike most knowledge parks that operate out of fields in low-density areas of cities, Saint John’s knowledge park is within immediate walking distance of shops, restaurants, residences and waterfront—everything that turns a workday job into a vibrant life.”

When companies, especially those in the knowledge sector, come to Saint John looking for office space they love our bricks & beams… branding this uniqueness makes sense! I look forward to seeing how we can leverage the “Heritage Knowledge Park” moniker. I’m no fortune teller but I see (at a minimum) a logo, maps & hashtag in our future! I think I’ll start adding “located in Saint John’s Heritage Knowledge Park” to my uptown office listings today!

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